Listen. Discern. Act. Trust.

I was born on a Tuesday, supposedly “full of grace,” but I listened to voices that labeled a left-handed, outspoken woman who challenges the status quo as grace-less

At last the eyes to my soul were opened and I heeded God’s call to a path full of abounding love, and the unconditional grace that astonishes me daily. I learned that it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m graceful… my faith and baptism into Christ Jesus make me unconditionally grace-filled, by God.  Astonishing, unfathomable. Truly.

God will astonish you, too, if you can step away from your need to control everything and allow yourself to be transformed by God’s love. I’m a contemplative, which means I sit in silence and stillness for a time each day, seeking total union with God. It’s not easy to sit still and be silent, listening for God to speak to you, but it’s not impossible, either. Mostly I get nothing but silence back, but what a gift that silence is, just to rest in God’s holy presence, to be filled & fed for service to the world. In the world, I constantly question my identity, my ability and my self-worth. But in silence, I know without a doubt who I am…God’s beloved child.

We are all Tuesday’s Children, full of the grace given to us by God through Jesus Christ. 

In this dark world where consumerism, noise and technology assault and fracture our souls, we need to pause daily to remember that:

  • God is love, and God loves you. God also loves everybody else, including those whom we ignore, neglect, insult and injure to suit our own purposes.
  • It’s never to late to change your life and follow your heart, because your heart seeks divine union.
  • Every day is a gift. Open it in gratitude.
  • The Spiritual life is not sitting in church or throwing cash at a cause…it’s Life in the Spirit, which means Action, and Intention.
  • Let stuff go…you’re not in charge of the world, or even your little corner of it! Grudges and anger destroy our capacity for good.
  • Be kind. To everyone. Smile.

Thanks for visiting, reading & reflecting. I seek to do God’s will, and I pray that Peace will come to you, in whatever manner you choose to seek it.